Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blade spindle problems on riding mower?

My 3 bladed riding mower was making a grinding sound when the blades are engaged. I took off the deck and spun each blade by hand. 2 spun freely and quietly, the 3rd one made a grinding sound and took some force to spin it. I removed the spindle from the deck, and now the spindle seems to turn freely with no noise. Should I just put it back in or should I replace the bearings in the spindle. I removed the spindle this morning before coming to work and haven't had a chance to look any closer at it. How difficult is it to change the spindle bearings? Do I need a press?Blade spindle problems on riding mower?
90% of the time they replace the spindle as a unit not just the bearings check with you local mower shop....as for the bearings when the mower blade is on it puts downforce weight on the bearings so if they are going bad the make a bad grinding noise but when taking the weight of the blade off of them it usually sounds liek a good bearing if it were me i would replace it!! from working at the small engine shop if one breaks while the blades are spinning it usually breakes all of the spindles....thats usually results in about 500-600 bucks if it doesnt ruin the actual mower deck...

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